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Certification in Christian Counseling Enrichment Program  Application


Step #1:

Complete all fields of the Online Application. Be sure to read our Policies and Statement of Faith (click on links).


Step #2

Pay the tuition cost of $200 through  PayPal.

Please read the following:


Within 1-2 Business Days of your application submission "Accepted into Program" notice will be emailed to you.


Please be sure:

a) your e-mail address is correct 

b) your mailing address is correct

c) you paid the tuition for your program according to the payment agreement of you choice.

Enrollment Agreement:

1) Please Read and Sign the 

Enrollment Agreement for this program. You MUST sign this agreement.

2) I agree not to share my online classroom access code and course materials with anyone by any means to do so.


Please Respond "yes" in the Application for acceptance into the program.

Thank you. Your application has been sent. Please don't forget to complete Steps 2 to complete your enrollment process.

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