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Education Certification Program

Young Businesswoman

Mastery of Program:

 Prerequisite: The Biblical Studies Program

(You must take and pass this program first) 

 Regular Tuition for this program is $200

Payable in 4 installments of $50 automatic drafts through PayPal.

Exams for this program consist of "true/false multiple choice questions, short essays and practice sheets.

You must complete the course with a grade of 75% to receive a Ministry Training Certificate.

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION CERTIFICATION is a short but meaningful course that is perfect for Pastors, Ministers, Sunday School and Bible Study teachers. 


Time-frame: 6 months

Tuition $200   



Teaching Styles

This course teaches various methods of teaching based on current research with a focus on identifying the personalities of learners.

Teaching Philosophy

In this course, the student will understand the Bible's implied philosophy and mandate for Christian Education.

Theology and Christian Education

The relevance of the Church, its mission and its purpose, the objective of Christian Education and its structure is taught in the subject.

Character Building

Details how the teachers should prepare themselves in the Word of God, how to write lesson aims and objectives. 

Rules of Teaching

Explains how to teach lessons in a way that is easily understood by all students in the class.

Project for Certification: Develop and Teach a small adult Bible Study group.

Continuing Education Yearly Refresher Course $50 

Online Application 

Discounted Tuition Payment $200

Discounted Tuition Payment $200

4 installments of $50

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