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Completion of Programs:


Students should be able to complete their programs within the suggested time frames set by the Institute. All programs must be completed within one calendar year of enrollment.


Suggested Time Frames for Completion: 




Refund Policy:


Because of The Institute of Theology and Ministry Training's low tuition, accessibility to courses materials and delivered textbooks, refunds are not granted. 

Application Process:

A Confirmation of Enrollment will be emailed to the applicant with instructions on how to enter the Online Student Center.

Grades are emailed to the email address confirmed by student. The Institute does not disclose incorrect answers to quizzes, true/false or multiple choice exams. If a subject contains more than one exam or quiz for a subject or program (such as the Biblical Studies Program), grades for each will be calculated together to reach a final grade for the subject or program.

Certificates are mailed to the address on the application unless otherwise notified by the student. This Institute is not responsilbe for lost, stolen or damaged materials due to postal handling. 

Biblical Studies Certificate Program 3-4 months 
Ministry Training Certificate Programs 6-8 months

Certification in Christian Education - 4-6 months

Applicant should:

1. Complete and Submit the online application

2. Pay the tuition cost for the program of choice through PayPal

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