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Q:Are there any prerequisites to get started?

A: No there are no prerequisites to get started in our Certificate Biblical Studies Program because it is our prerequisite to other programs.

Q: Can I transfer credits from courses I took at another Bible School?

A: No because of the specialization of our programs in Biblical Studies and Ministry Training.

Q: Can I transfer credits I received from a secular school?

A: No. Because of the specialized area of education that will only earn credentials in an ecclesiastical field.

Q: What are the requirements for enrollment?

A: You must be 18 years or older, attend a Christian church, make affirmation of your Christian faith, and agree with our statement of faith and submit a short essay.

Q: Are there scholarship available?

A: Because our low tuition base and not being accredited with any government accrediting agency, we do not offer grants or scholarships.

Q: Will I be able to get ordained, certified in a field of specialization or employed after completing one of your programs?

A: Taking courses from The Institute of Theology and Ministry Training, does not guarantee employment nor is it our policy to ordain or certify students for ministry.

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