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Christian Counseling Ministry of Helps Enrichment Certification Program

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Mastery of Program:

 Prerequisite: The Biblical Studies Program

(You must take and pass this program first) 

 Regular Tuition for this program is $200

Payable in 4 installments of $50 automatic drafts through PayPal.

Exams for this program consist of "true/false multiple choice questions, short essays and practice sheets.

You must complete the course with a grade of 75% to receive a Ministry Training Certificate.

CHRISTIAN COUNSELING MINISTRY OF HELPS ENRICHMENT introduces the student to various Christian counseling techniques. The information gained in these courses will assist in helping family, friends and others who do not need professional help, with every day life problems.


Time-frame: 6 months

Regular Tuition: $850  NOW $550  (see Mastery of Program on this page)     

Introduction to Christian Counseling

An approach to "one-on-one" counseling that teaches ways to help someone  with their problems based on to the Word of God. 

The Psychology of Counseling

Teaches techniques for: the process of counseling, origin, settings and physical causes, multiple perspectives, listening, direct questions, dealing with teenagers, marriage, sexual and emotional issues.

Basic Principles of Biblical Counseling

This basic counseling course identifies the two most basic needs of people, to feel loved an purposeful. It also briefly discusses five prominent frameworks of modern psychology.  It also addresses  the church's responsibility to restore troubled individuals to productive lives with biblical models for application.  A series of scenarios for evaluation and application as a practicum to the course are given to students.

Family Counseling

A workshop type course that distinguishes the difference between healthy/functional families and unhealthy/dysfunctional families. An exploration of the character and personalities of all members of the family, the marriage, how they communicate, birth order and how the family interacts with each other. 

Online Application 

1) Discounted Tuition Payment $200

2) 4 Installments of $50  

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