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"Always be Ready to Give an Answer" Tuition Discount 2020

1st Peter 3:15 "Honor Christ and let Him be the Lord of your life. Always be ready to give an answer when someone asks about your hope"

Mastery of Program:

The Certificate in Biblical Studies Program can be completed in as little as 3

months. It is the prerequisite to the Specialist in Ministry Program.

Regular Tuition for this path is $150

($95 "Always be Ready to Give an Answer" Tuition Discount 2020 Tuition Discount)

making the Total Tuition $55, which is due with the submission of the online application. It is payable through PayPal.​ Textbooks are Included!

 September 10, 2020 is the deadline for

the Tuition Discount!

The Open Book Exam consist of true, false and multiple choice questions that is submitted online.   


You must complete the exam with 75% and fulfill all program requirements to receive your online Certificate in Biblical Studies.

CERTIFICATE IN BIBLICAL STUDIES PROGRAM is a systematic course that is practical and comprehensive. Using modified terms, the methodology of this program is inspiring. It ensures heighten levels of spirituality and understanding of Biblical facts. This program is ideal for personal spiritual enrichment and is suitable for everyone on any level. It is the prerequisite to all advanced programs.

Introduction to Bible Doctrine

A systematic study of seven doctrines of the Christian faith: God, Angels, Sin, Christ, Salvation, The Holy Spirit and Scripture.

  • Over 300 Scriptures

  • Cross-reference Scriptures for research

  • Side columns with explanations

  • Summaries for practical applications

Introduction to Bible Origin

A study of the formation of the Bible and what makes it authoritative.

  • Old and New Testament surveys

  • A narration of the Apocryphal books

  • Charts and footnotes

Introduction to Typology and Symbolism

An expository study of Types and Symbols found in the Bible.

  • Over 300 Scriptures

  • Meanings of symbols found in Revelation

  • Numerology ... an explanation of numbers and more

Online Application​

Discounted Tuition Payment

$55 (until September 10th)