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Certificate in Ministry Training Program

Suited businessman

Mastery of Program:

 Prerequisite: The Biblical Studies Program

(You must take and pass this program first) 

 Regular Tuition for this program is $200

Payable in 4 installments of $50 automatic drafts through PayPal.

Exams for this program consist of "true/false multiple choice questions, short essays and practice sheets.

You must complete the course with a grade of 75% to receive a Ministry Training Certificate.

THE CERTIFICATE IN MINISTRY TRAINING PROGRAMcombines the Biblical Studies Program with in-depth courses to give the student an understanding of various areas of ministry.


This program is suitable for everyone, particularly individuals who are called to ministry.
Introduction to Homiletics
An explanation of the art of homiletic sermonizing with a focus on writing a sermon introduction that will engage an audience.

The discovery and practice of five models of sermonizing.

Personal and Practical Evangelism
A complete understanding of both modes of Evangelism the way God intended.  

Ministry and Spiritual Gifts
This course gives the student a clear understanding of both categories of Gifts and how these gifts are governed.

Seven Keys to Leadership

This course teaches seven significant keys to effective leadership.

The Anointing

What it is, how it given, how it is used and how to protect; it is taught in this course


​Textbooks: The Introduction Series  and Called to Ministry

Online Application

Ministry Training Book Cover For Create.

Discounted Tuition Payment $200

Discounted Tuition Payment $200

4 installments of $50

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