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Everyone needs a little encouragement, insight and support to help them reach their goals!


If you're one of those people, then you should subscribe to the YSL Broadcast Weekly that is sent to you via e-mail right on you smartphone.


The YSL Broadcast Weekly will deliver discussions on bi-monthly topics that you need to hear and will want to share with others.


Each topic will consist of:

  • 6 weekly Broadcasts

  • Activity Worksheets Downloads for each broadcast

  • Scriptures Study and Application

  • Fitness Routines

  • Diet and Health Tips

  • Inspirational thoughts from Dr. Walker


Plus a chance to get involved in community service, charity and humanitarian efforts!


And FREE SERIES E-books or CDs your subscription!


Empower Your Spiritual Life ... Subscribe to the Your Spiritual Broadcast Weekly Today

for ONLY $1.25 a week ($5.00 a month)

How to Subscribe:


First: Complete the YSL Broadcast Weekly Subscription Form Below.

YSL Broadcast Weekly

Congratulations. Complete Step 2 and your subscription will begin.

Second:  Click the PayPal Subscribe Button is set-up for automatic monthly subscription payment of $5 using your Visa or MasterCard.


That It! You will be added to the subscription list and will receive your 6 monthly

Inspirational and Empowerment Broadcasts!

Subscription Terms and Policies:


  1. Payments are automatically drafted on the same day of the month with the card used to set-up concurrent payments of $5.

  2. Subscribers are responsible to for the accuracy, funds available and change of payment method to keep their subscription current.

  3. Returned or Non-payment will result in immediate cancellation of subscription.

  4. Transactions are to the PayPal account of The Institute of Theology and Ministry Training of which YSL is the Enrichment Program of.

  5. All contents of the YSL Broadcast Weekly are subject to International Copyright Law. Therefore, no part of the broadcast, email or other form of circulation maybe copied or duplicated, transmitted in any form, forwarded to others, posted to any website or social media platform without the written permission of The Institute of Theology and Ministry Training, Rev. Dr. Sheila Walker or Your Spiritual Life, LLC. Enforcement will result upon infringement of these rights.

  6. Subscription may be cancelled by the subscriber at any time.

  7. There are No Refunds on subscriptions or cancellations.

  8. The intent of the broadcast is to inspire and encourage. Therefore, The Institute of Theology and Ministry Training, Your Spiritual Life, LLC, Dr. Sheila Walker, any other person or organization associated with the contents of the YSL BROADCAST WEEKLY are not responsible for the actions taken by subscribers.


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