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YSL Broadcast: Preparation for Blessings 2 - Rev. Dr. Sheila Walker


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2nd Kings 3:6-7 “And King Jehoram went out of Samaria at that time and mustered all Israel. Then he went and sent word to Jehoshaphat the king of Judah, saying, "The king of Moab has rebelled against me. Will you go with me to fight against Moab?" And he said, "I will go up; I am as you are, my people as your people, my horses.’ He said, "Which way shall we go up?" And he answered, "The way of the wilderness of Edom.” So the king of Israel went with the king of Judah and the king of Edom; and they made a circuit of seven days' journey, and there was no water for the army or for the cattle that followed them.”

We often find ourselves in situations that make us feel anxious and because of that, we may think irrationally or make decisions without really thinking things all the way through. Worse than that, we don’t seriously seek God for His direction on the methods we should take to help us. As with the three Kings, we can overlook the fact that we can put our livelihood, families and spiritual sacrifices at risk when we make hasty decisions. It’s extremely important, especially when we want the promises of God fulfilled in our lives, that we remain patient and sober as mature believers when we get to points of decision making. What we want to avoid is moving out ahead of God and end up in a Dry Place.


Life Experience Exercise:

(Complete each of the following within this week)

Complete this “Life Experience Exercise” so that you can get guidance from God concerning the thing you believe He wants to bless you in.


What do you feel God has been telling you to stop procrastinating about doing that you feel He wants to really bless you in?


What is your reason or reasons for procrastinating about it?


Aside from prayer (of course), what are the things you feel you should do so that you can get started what you believe God wants you to do?


As for prayer, pray for:

  1. His forgiveness for your continued disobedience

  2. lack of enthusiasm and motivation

  3. excuse making

  4. and  your delay in responding to His Will for you.


If you have moved out ahead of God without seeking His guidance concerning what you believe He wants you to do at this time in your life so that He can bless you in it, pray for forgiveness then fast for 3 days being quiet in your spirit so that you can hear and receive instructions from Him.

Six ways to get and stay Active

2. Track progress.

Keep a journal of your physical activity. You may not feel like you are making progress but when you look back at where you started, you may be pleasantly surprised!

3. Set rewards.

Whether your goal was to be active for 15 minutes a day, to walk farther than you did last week, or simply to stay positive, you deserve recognition for your efforts. Some ideas for rewards include a healthy meal out with health conscience friends, a movie, new shoes or a new outfit.

Blue Shoes

Here's Some Honey for Your Monday

Here's some Honey for your Monday.jpg

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