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Subscription and Membership Policies


Subscription implies Membership; both are used interchangeably to encourage an expected level of commitment and accountability towards YSL's enrichment purposes and charitable activities. You may cancel your membership at any time.


Subscription Cost: 

Subscription/Membership Fee for Podcasts is $5 a month ($1.25 a week) and for The "Conversation" is $10 a month ($2.50 a week) both are payable through PayPal automatically. You don't have to sign-up to use PayPal and you may use any credit or debit card to start your automatic subscription fees. If you use your bank account, you will have to create an account with PayPal to secure your bank information. There are no additional fees applied to your membership fees when you use PayPal.

The "Conversation" Code of Conduct:

Members are expected to conduct themselves in a Godly way when participating in our virtual discussion group. Support means "support" therefore negative or hurtful comments, negative facial expressions, negative postings to our or other websites, harsh tones, gossip and breaching of confidentiality will not be tolerated. Anyone found conducting themselves will be blocked from our website. 

Podcasts and Other Materials:

Sharing, forwarding or reposting podcast, zoom meetings, newsletters, comments that are exclusive to members, downloadable materials, excerpts from books are an infringement of exclusive copyright ownership. Anyone found noncompliant, will be prosecuted with the fullest extent of International Copyright Law.   



YSL's Membership Blog is intended to share personal thoughts and spiritual insight on the topics of discussion to support and encourage members. Postings to the blog must adhere to the spiritual purposes and intentions of YSL for the spiritual life of its members. Postings that give personal counseling, are insulting, negative or can cause harm or injury will be automatically removed.


Your Spiritual Life downloads, newsletter content, audio broadcast, Bible lessons, excerpts from books, empowerment articles and publications are Copyright Protected. These MAY NOT be reproduced in any form and/or distributed, posted to websites and any social media platform without the written consent of Your Spiritual Life, The Institute of Theology and Ministry Training, S. Walker Publications, Dr. Sheila Walker and the authors and publishers of Your Spiritual website's content administrators. To do so would be a violation of International Copyright Protection Laws.



The name Your Spiritual, all variations of YSL's Logo, YSL Photography, Themes, Slogans (audio, verbal or written), theme music, style of content are for the sole purpose of organizational branding and as such, may not be reproduced or misrepresented.


Charity/Community Service and Fundraising Events:

Subscribers/Members are expected to support fundraising efforts by making a monetary donation to the organizations sponsored by YSL as well as participate in fundraising events, to maintain "active membership" classification.

Sharing Your Information:

YSL will not sell, share or distribute your email address or personal information to vendors and other organizations. We ask for the same courtesy in providing our email address for the purposes of solicitation and endorsements.


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