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These Shoes were made for?

  • Running

  • Walking

  • Cycling

  • Dancing



Invest in the Right Excercise Shoes


Joggers and Runners:


If you are a jogger or runner then you should wear shoes that are made for that exercise. Runners need more cushioning in their shoes because of the impact they put on their feet (especially their toes and heals) while running. Runners also need more shock absorption in their shoes than walkers.




Walkers put a lot of pouncing on their heels. Their exercise shoes have the right amount of cushioning and are usually lighter which helps a lot on long walks. You can usually tell the difference in these shoes by the heel. Running heels are flared with a lot of support (shock absorbers) for stability and impact; while walking shoes have more undercut on the heel.




Cycling shoes have stiffer soles to help you pedal better and support your feet for less cramping in your legs.




It’s not a good idea to wear sneakers for Dance exercise. Sneakers grip the floor to stabilize your feet during exercise; that’s not good for dancing because it may cause you to twist your ankle. So, if dance exercise is your thing and you don’t feel comfortable in those fancy dance heels, try dance sneakers … they’re awesome.


So if you’re planning to run, walk, cycle or dance your way into a more fit you, wear the right shoes. And don’t be surprised at the fact that you’ll have to pay a little more for quality … it’ll be worth it!

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