21 Days of Prayer Commitment Fitness

Our 21 Days of Prayer Commitment


will help you incorporate working out in your daily routine during and after your prayer journey.


Working out will:


  • Strengthen your heart

  • Tone your muscles

  • Burn calories 

  • Help you to stay alert

  • Sharpen your mind

  • Increase your spiritual awareness


Level 1 (week one) is a basic total body training routine to get you and your body acquainted with weight training.


Level 2 (week two) targets and alternates different muscle groups throughout the week.


Level 3 (week three) adds more reps and routines that target strength using body weight.


Each 30 minute workout starts with a 5 minute cardio warm-up (jumping jacks or running in place), 20 minutes of training and ends with 5 minitues of relaxing cool-down.


Level 2 - Week Two

20 Minute Workout

Cardio  Arms  Shoulders  Glutes  Abs


Level 3


Level 1- Week One


20 Minute Workout


Arms  Shoulders  Abs 


Legs   Hips 

5 Minute Warm-up

Before Workout

5 Minute Cool-Down

After Workout

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