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YSL Empowerment – The Power of Smiling



The serious look can say the wrong thing about our personality, what we’re thinking or how we feel about almost anything. Why Smile?


Smile because it:


  • Has a positive influence on others (it can change unhappiness into happiness)

  • Makes you more likable and approachable (it helps others to trust you more)

  • Helps to put you in a better mood when you’re feeling bad

  • Can change the environment because it lightens the atmosphere

  • Helps you look younger because it exercise facial muscles

  • Increases insight into difficult matters (help with levels of comprehension which aids in being more positive)

  • Portrays you as being successful


Smile Warnings:


  • A quick smile can be conceived as “dishonesty”

  • Too much smiling can be thought of as shallowness

  • For woman smiling at a man can be misjudged as a “come on;" for a man, smiling can be interpreted at being arrogant

  • Quick grins or smirks are not chic and don't promote one's swagger


A sincere smile makes you more likable and speaks more positively about you.


That’s the Power of Smiling!

Dr. Sheila Walker


All Rights Reserved by Rev. Dr. S. Walker 2016. Picture by


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