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Complements are remarks that say something good about someone (or something); admiring remarks and expressions.


What Giving Complements says you are:


  • Strong

  • Confident

  • Smart

  • Balanced

  • Un-Spiteful


How it helps you:


Giving complements can also boost your moral. It feels good to put positive attention towards someone else. And, while doing so, your own feelings of inadequacy or jealousy are diminished greatly. This helps to make you a better and stronger person.


Here’s how to give complements:


  • The key to giving a good compliment is sincerity…it has to come from the heart.


  • Rather than surface complementary statements, those that target clothes, appearance or beauty, seek to promote someone else’s self-esteem, pride and worth.You’ll be surprised how much it’ll mean to them.


  • Give complements when you notice that they have been neglected or forgotten, especially when someone has gone out of their way to provide a service or do something special (large or small). This will negate bad feelings.




That’s the Power of Giving Compliments

Dr. Sheila Walker



YSL Empowerment – The Power of GIVING COMPLEMENTS

All rights reserved August 2014 by Rev. Dr. Sheila Walker 

The contents of this article may not be duplicated in any form or posted to the internet without permission.




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