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YSL Empowerment – The Power of Applause

All rights reserved August, 2014 by Rev. Dr. Sheila Walker 

The contents of this article may not be duplicated in any form or posted to the internet without permission.



I personally dislike faint applause when someone has done their best, then takes a bow or stands in wait for praise. I’m always determined to break the silence with a hardy applause, which in most cases, stimulates others to follow suit. Even if I had something I could criticize,

I still give them my applause because frankly, anyone who makes themselves vulnerable to that degree deserves a good “congratulations.”


Applauding empowers us for these reasons:


  • Giving applause to someone else can be a personal sign of inspiration. We often think of ourselves as “doing something like that.”


  • Applauding the achievement of someone who (in our opinion) is underserving of the honor can help us overcome our negative feelings. We usually walk away thinking that they somehow were deserving of our praise, which in the long run helps us feel better about it.


  • When we see other people doing something that demanded their personal best (on whatever level that may be), we share their pride.


  • Finally, Giving Applause makes us feel good … period!


That’s the Power of Applause

Dr. Sheila Walker

July 6, 2014

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