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YSL EMPOWERMENT – The Power of Apologizing:

All rights reserved March, 2015 by Rev. Dr. Sheila Walker 

The contents of this article may not be duplicated in any form or posted to the internet without permission.


How to give a sincere and heartfelt apology is simple … it should not:


  • Have “but clauses” that places blame and guilt

  • Explain away one’s own responsibility in the situation

  • Overlook the hurt and pain the issue caused

  • Be given without asking for forgiveness

  • Exclude an assurance of not recurring   


The instructions above are completely necessary for a sincere apology based

its meaning and intention. When we apologize we’re actually:


  • Showing regret

  • Confessing

  • Making an admission of guilt

  • Asking for forgiveness

  • Showing contrition

  • Needing to win back favor

  • Trying to reconcile or mend

  • Showing love and concern

  • Pleasing God

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