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The Best Diet

for Weight Loss

The Dash Diet!

The diet your doctor recommends when he checks your blood pressure and cholesterol levels is the most recommended diet for weight loss … The Dash Diet.  No pills, no gimmicks and very few food restrictions.  In fact, this eating plan should become part of living a healthy lifestyle.


The Dash Diet Weight Loss Plan:


  • Don’t deprive yourself of meals! 3 meals with 2 or 3 snacks a day is rule #1.


  • Leafy greens and colorful vegetables should take-up most of the space on your plate.


  • Lean meats and fish will give you the protein your body needs and will satisfy feeling hungry


  • Low-fat or nonfat dairy foods for calcium and also fights against hunger


  • Fresh fruit instead of desserts for sweet tooth cravings


  • Add what we rarely eat … nuts and seed that are good for losing weight and your heart


That’s it ... A Weight Loss Diet you can Keep!


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