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When you Pray ... Pray like This All you need to know about Prayer


When You Pray … Pray Like This, is a soul-searching study on one of the most important aspects of Christian living … Prayer. A few of the topics covered in this study are: 


• How to overcome personal prayer problems 

• God's willingness to answer our prayers 

• Various types of prayers and their effectiveness 

• Examples of Christ's prayer life 

• Worship, meditation and fasting tortify prayer 

• Acceptance of God's Divine Will   


Included is a 21 Day Prayer Journal that will help you put into practice

what you’ve learned to strengthen your prayer life.


All you need to know about Prayer is in this devotional!


ISBN 978-0972422055

6x9  96 Pages 

Paperback $11.99


Change Your Prayer Life in 21 Days!

available to you when you purchase the book

Audio Bible Teachings

Group Discussions

Inspirational Thoughts

Application for Empowerment

Free Downloads

Fasting Tips for Clean Eating

Fitness Routines for 21 Days

Take your Personal Prayer Journey

or start a Group

Have you been struggling with an issue in your life that you feel should finally be settled? Especially because you’ve done everything you knew to do to bring a conclusion to the matter?


The Secret Place of The Most High - How to Get There, is a self-help devotional that gives you a better understanding about God, His Grace towards you and His relationship with you as your Heavenly Father. It also teaches the essentials of prayer and the power that is in the Word.


Includes are Power Scriptures that will help you shift from a natural, to a spiritual way of thinking about, and responding to your problems. This will give you the assurance you need of God's Divine presence and guidance as you transition through the issues of life.


Informative and inspirational, this devotional's format makes it a wonder resource for small group study.

ISBN 978-0972422048  

6x9  80 Pages  

Paperback $7.99


CALLED TO MINISTRY - A Practical Study of Subjects and Protocols that are Essential for Ministry Preparation


Called To Ministry, is a "must have" for ministers. This easy to read training manual teaches practical lessons in:


  • Leadership

  • The Will of God

  • The Anointing

  • Spiritual Gifts

  • Ministry Gifts

  • Practical and Personal Evangelism

  • Revival Services

  • Hundreds of Scriptures

  • Practice Worksheets

Highly recommended for Personal Study, Small Groups, Church Ministry Training Programs and Pastoral Training of Ministers. A Free Discussion Guide is also available (upon request and with an order of 5 books or more) for Small Group, Church Education Program and Pastoral Training. 

"Called to Ministry" is the next volume to the Introduction Series that can earn a Certificate in Ministry Training from The Institute of Theology and Ministry Training.

ISBN 978-0972422062

6 x 9   147 Pages  

Paperback $16.99


The Three Volumne INTRODUCTION SERIES Available in Paperback and E-book

Order Bulk Copies at:

Volume 1: Introduction to Bible Doctrine $12.99


Finally, there is an easy yet comprehensive approach to Theology. Introduction to Bible Doctrine provides a systematic approach to the study of seven of the most important doctrines of the Christian faith. This study has:


  • Over 300 Scriptures

  • Cross-reference Scriptures for research

  • Side columns with explanations

  • Summaries for practical applications

Volume 2: Introduction to Bible Origin $10.99


All of the pieces are put together in this volume to explain the formation of the Bible. The questions of "how the Christian Bible was derived and what makes it authoritative" are answered in this study. This study has:


  • Old and New Testament surveys

  • A narration of the Apocryphal books

  • Charts and Footnotes

Volume 3: Introduction to Typology and Symbolism $10.99


A handbook explaining Biblical types and Symbols made plain and simple. The illustrative language and symbolic meaning of Scriptures are brought to light using the expository method. This study has:


  • Over 300 Scriptures

  • Meanings of symbols found in Revelation

  • Numerology ... an explanation of numbers and more

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