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   Scripture Wall Art - Cards - Journals  by Dr. Walker  

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God’s word is full of Scriptures that will sooth the heart, ease anxiety, give us peace, and help us relax, think and meditate. They answer questions about life and help us to navigate through issues with hope and the assurance of our Heavenly Father’s guidance and love.

These Scriptures are described as “Heaven’s Bread,” that has a sweet taste (Exodus 16:4, Psalm 119:103, Ezekiel 3:3, Hebrews 6:5, Jeremiah 15:16), when applied to our lives. For me, they remind me of the way I felt as a young city girl on my yearly summer vacation in my family’s country home in South Carolina. Big oak trees, country dirt roads, vegetable and watermelon gardens, greeting anyone who was out on their front porch, the little white wooden church, and lazy Sunday afternoons.

Sunday after church was really special, because my cousin Rosie would make “sweet bread,” a type of dessert made out of a few ingredients in a cast iron pan cooked on a wooden stove. It really topped off the day … the week actually! It made me feel satisfied, happy, and content; good food does that you know. And so does God’s food for our souls; it’s sweet, satisfying and has a way of making you feel good! I pray that my “Sweet Bread” Printiables will make you feel that way.


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