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Two Easy Steps to Subscribe


Enrollment Step 1:

Subscribe by setting up your monthly payments through PayPal to start and keep your membership current (you may unsubscribe at any time). You don't have to have a PayPal account to pay your fees.

Enrollment Step 2:

Clicking Here to enter your user name and password and login to the YSL Members Suite. You will receive an e-mail letting you know that your membership has been activated.

Membership Enrollment Policies:


Please read our Membership Policies. By becoming a member you agree with the YSL Membership Policies.   







Membership Incentives:



Why not consider Subscribing to Your Spiritual Life and become part of our community of Christian Believers that balance their faith in Christ by doing what He teaches in the Word? 


And, don't worry, we'll never ever share your information... we a promise!

Subscription and Membership Enrollment: 


Subscription and membership used interchangeably to encourage an expected level of commitment and accountability towards YSL's Enrichment Purposes and Charitable Activities.


Our Subscription/Membership Fee is only ($1.25 a week) $5 a month and is payable through PayPal automatically. You don't have to sign-up to use PayPal and you may use any credit or debit card to start your automatic subscription/membership deductions.  There are no additional fees applied to your membership when you use PayPay.


As a YSL Subscriber/Member, you agree to participate and financially support charitable fundraising efforts and community service projects.

Subscribe and become a Member Today and Receive 

Dr. Walker's Empowerment "Treasure Box" Podcasts

Seeking God in Times of Struggle

1. Not your strength but HIS

2. The Importance of Retaining God’s Word

3. Prayer Problems and Solutions

4. His Will

5. Making the Transition


Facing Walls

1. Blockage or Plateaus in your Progress

2. Keeping God’s Commandments

3. Reflection

4. Strategy  vs. Tactics

Hearing God’s Voice

1. Distinguishing Characteristics

2. Our Relationship

3. Training Ourselves to Hear


How To:

1. Deal with Anxiety and Adversity

2. Overcome the Feeling of Emptiness

3. Rest … It’s Important


To gain access to the Treasure Box you must subscribe and keep your subscription current for one year as well as agree to the terms and policies of subscription/membership.



Hindrances • Divine Delays • Restoration • Filling In the Blanks •  What Are You?

Not Ready to Become a Member?


That's okay, we invite you to participate in any of our charity events, pledge your financial support to our fundraising activities, enjoy free downloads, enroll in our Bible School, purchase our publications and gifts. We'd like to stay in touch with you for special offers and upcoming events. So please become a YSL Supporter.


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