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Divine Delays in Your Spiritual Life 

Why Answers to Prayers are Delayed

ISBN- 978-0972422089  

6 x 9   63 Pages  

Paper $7.99    


Sometimes a criterion, that does not apply to our basic needs, is put in place by God, that has to be met before we are given what we've asked Him for. We often forget that God, our Heavenly Father, is all knowing and that He uses His infinite wisdom for our good. Therefore, it is important that we understand His reasons for divine Delays so that we will be able to think, respond and accept them in a more spiritual way. 


In this study, six Divine Delays are explained: 

  • The Will of God

  • Motives, Pride and the Heart

  • Feeling Unworthy

  • The Test of Faith

  • Maturity

  • Periods of Stagnation 

Includes: Scripture Insights and Application Exercises.

When You Pray ... Pray like This

All You Need to Know About Prayer

ISBN- 978-0972422055  

6 x 9   96 Pages  

Paper $11.99    E-book $4.99


When You Pray … Pray Like This, is a soul-searching study on one of the most important aspects of Christian living … Prayer. A few of the topics covered in this study are: 
• How to overcome personal prayer problems 
• God's willingness to answer our prayers 
• Various types of prayers and their effectiveness 
• Examples of Christ's prayer life 
• Worship, meditation and fasting to fortify prayer 
• Acceptance of God's Divine Will  
Included is a 21 Day Prayer Journal that will help you put into practice what you’ve learned to strengthen your prayer life.


All you need to know about Prayer is in this devotional!

Order the book then sign into the Online Prayer Room at to take the 21 Days of Prayer Journey. The online Prayer Room has Audio Teaching, Worship Videos, Study Scriptures, Fasting and Fitness Routines!


The Secret Place of the Most High-How to Get There   

ISBN 9780972422048

6 x 9   96 Pages  

Paper $7.99    E-book $3.99


This self-help devotional gives you a better understanding about God, His relationship with you as your Heavenly Father and how sufficient His grace is towards you. It also teaches the essentials of prayer and the power that is in the Word. All to encourage and strengthen you during your times of struggle.


Included are Power Scriptures that will help you shift from a natural, to a spiritual way of thinking about, and responding to, your problems. This will give you the assurance you need of God's Divine presence and guidance as you transition through the issues of life.


Informative and inspirational, this devotional's format makes it a wonderful resource for small groups and family study.

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