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Certificate in Bible Studies Classroom

Exam Questions Introduction and Chapter 1: The Doctrine of God

Instructions: Answer the questions below as you read pages 2-9 on a separate sheet of Paper.

Transfer Your Answers to the Answer Form below and submit

1) Theology is:

a)Teaching or Instruction

b)Discourse about God's teaching

c) God's relationship with Man

d) Discourse about God

2) Dogmatic Theology is the:

a) study of Biblical facts arranged in an order pertaining to specific subject

b) process of tracing through the books of the Bible

c) use of certain Scriptures to make up church creeds and beliefs

d) searching for the true meaning of the Scriptures

3) Historical proof records God's involvement in man's affairs, this is one way that the Bible proves God's existence.

a) True

b) False

4) A ______ atheist would most likely disagree with the idea that man’s nature to worship a higher being is proof of God’s 


a) dogmatic

b) critical

c) skeptical

d) practical


5) To His own people God is called   

a) Yahweh

b) God

c) Adoni

d) Jehovah


6) The compound uses of the name Jehovah represent the Lord in different situations. 

a.  True 

b.  False


7) The meaning of Elohim is   

a) Almighty God - signifying the “Strong One”

b) “the Most High God” - exalted above other gods

c) “God” - referring to God’s omnipotence and creative power

d) Lord or Master



8) The meaning of El Elyon is  

a) “Lord”

b) “provider”

c) “Almighty God”

d) “Most High God”


9) Which name of God conveys rulership and dominion?  

a) Adoni 

b) Jehovah

c) Father  

d) Elohim


10) The God who is sufficient for the needs of His people is called 

a) Jehovah-Jireh         

b) El Shaddi

c) Elohim

d) Shalom


11) What is God’s highest attribute?  

a) faithfulness

b) love

c) wisdom

d) infinite


12) The belief that God created the world but does not govern it is 

a) Agnosticism

b) Pantheism 

c) Deism

d) Atheism

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