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Certificate in Bible Studies Classroom

Book 2: Introduction to Bible Origin Exam Questions


Instructions: Answer the questions below as you read pages 12-28 on a separate sheet of Paper.

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Pages 12-28


6) The prophets makes up the second division of the Hebrew Bible. Joshua, Judges, Samuel and Kings are the historical books in this sections, they are also known as the Latter Prophets.

a. True     b. False 


7) Which group correctly identifies the Major Prophets of the Bible?

a) Joshua, Samuel, Jeremiah

b) Amos, Obadiah, Micah

c) Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel

d) Ezekiel, Hosea, Joel 


8) Who is the last judge and the first prophet?

a) Joshua

b) Samuel

c) Elijah

d) Elisha 


9) Which major prophet gave a message of national restoration, that coincides with his Hebrew name?

a) Ezekiel

b) Samuel

c) Isaiah

d) Jeremiah 


10) Which book of the prophets is Messianic?

a) Isaiah

b) Jeremiah

c) Ezekiel

d) Zechariah


11) Which minor prophet warns of the "Day of Judgement?"

a) Isaiah

b) Hosea

c) Joel

d) Amos 


12) What book exemplifies the universality of God’s grace, and typifies Christ taking salvation to the Gentiles?

a) Obadiah

b) Micah

c) Nahum

d) Jonah 


13) The remnant in the Old Testament refers to God’s people who are able to overcome many challenges and remain faithful to their religious convictions.

a. True   b. False 


14) Which prophet ends the Old Testament?

a) Malachi

b) Zechariah

c) Haggai

d) Habakkuk


Pages 16-27

15) What book is considered the lyrical or songbook of Israel?

a) Psalms

b) the Megilloth

c) Proverbs

d) Lamentations 


16) In which book do we witness Gentiles coming to love God, as well as learn of the lineage of Christ?

a) Job

b) Songs of Solomon

c) Ruth

d) Megilloth 


17) The following are books that belong to the poetical division of the Writings.

a) Psalms, Proverbs, Songs of Solomon

b) Ruth, Songs of Solomon, Psalms

c) Psalms, Proverbs, Job

d) Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah 


18) Which historical book is considered the apocalypse of the Old Testament, with prophecies coinciding with Revelation?

a) Daniel

b) Ezra

c) Nehemiah

d) Chronicles 


19) Which book from the Apocrypha is known as the Wisdom of Jesus?

a) the Wisdom of Solomon

b) Ecclesiastticus

c) Baruch

d) Judith 

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