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Certificate in Bible Studies Classroom

Book 2: Introduction to Bible Origin Exam Questions

 Chapters 1-3

Instructions: Answer the questions below as you read pages 1-12 on a separate sheet of Paper.

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Chapters 1-3

Pages 1 – 12 Questions 1-5

1) _______ are the highest form of God’s revelation.

a) dreams

b) visions

c) direct communication


2) ______ is the divine guidance that gives understanding to the recipient, this process makes the writings of the Bible authoritative.    

a) receiving

b) revelation

c) responding

d) inspiration 


3) Which of the following is not used to refer to the first five books of the Bible?

a) Pentateuch

b) the Law

c) the Septuagint

d) the Torah


4) Which of the following statements are true?

I. Moses used oral and written accounts to write the Pentateuch, this method of gathering information makes his writings superior to the Babylonian accounts

II. The first five books of the Bible tell of events that occurred before Moses’ time

III. The inspiration of God is what gives Moses’ writings divine authority

IV. Moses’ upbringing and the civilization in which he lived had little to do with his ability to write the Pentateuch


a) I and IV

b) I and III

c) II and III

d) III only 



5) Service is the main message in which book of the Pentateuch?       

a) Genesis

b) Exodus

c) Leviticus

d) Numbers 

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