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Certificate in Bible Studies Classroom

Exam Questions Chapter 7: The Doctrine of Scriptures

​Instructions: Answer the questions below and write your 50 Word Essays for your answers to questions 44 and 45

on a separate sheet of paper as you read pages 61-69. Transfer Your Answers to the Answer Form below and submit. Click on the "Back to Classroom" button for your next exam.


42) The Scriptures are mainly     

a) God’s way of communicating to His people

b) written from the imaginations of men in Biblical times

c) irrelevant for today’s Christian

d) used as a historical book of events occurring long ago


43) The Bible was beneficial and useful for those who lived during the time when it was written, our benefit today is not the same because times have changed.

a.  True

b.  False


44) _____ is given to the mind of the reader of the Bible so that it can be understood.  a.  revelation

a) inspiration

b) illumination

c) disclosure


45) The passive process involved in the written Word of God is

a) revelation

b) inspiration

c) illumination

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