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Certificate in Bible Studies Classroom

Exam Questions Chapter 6: The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit


Instructions: Answer the questions below and write your 100 Word Essay explaining why it is incorrect to refer to the Holy Spirit as "it" on a separate sheet of paper as you read pages 52-58. Transfer Your Answers to the Answer Form below and submit. Click on the "Back to Classroom" button for your next exam.


36) Which doctrine is expressly unique to the Christian religion?  

a) Soteriology - the doctrine of Salvation

b) Christology - the doctrine of Christ

c) Theology - the doctrine of God

d) Pneumatology - the doctrine of the Holy Spirit


37) Which of the following statements are true regarding the Holy Spirit? 

1. He may be referred to as “it”

11. The doctrine of the Holy Spirit is held by all monotheistic religions

111. His personality is distinguishable from His gifts

1V. He has divine attributes (omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent)


a) all of the above

b) I and IV

c) III and IV

d) II and III


38) The work of the Holy Spirit is limited to the supernatural sphere. 

a) True

b) False      


39) The Holy Spirit is called the Spirit of God because He was sent to glorify Christ.  

a) True

b) False

40) Which name of the Holy Spirit best describes the way He strives with man for the betterment of his soul?   

a) the Comforter

b) the Spirit of Grace

c) the Spirit of Life

d) the Spirit of Truth


41) It is not possible to commit sins against the Holy Spirit. 

a) True

b) False

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