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Certificate in Bible Studies Classroom

Exam Questions Chapter 5: The Doctrine of Salvation

Instructions: Answer the questions below and write your 100 Word Essay explaining Positional Sanctification

on a separate sheet of paper as you read pages 45-49. Transfer Your Answers to the Answer Form below and submit. Click on the "Back to Classroom" button for your next exam.



33) ________  gives the believer a life that is in personal union with Jesus Christ. 

a) justification

b) regeneration

c) sanctification

d) atonement


34) Which statement is true regarding justification, regeneration, and sanctification? 

1) justification is received through good works and a desire to be in right standing with God

11) regeneration is basically a reformation of the old nature of the sinner

111) upon justification the believer becomes sanctified

1V) justification, and sanctification are divine aspects of salvation, requiring no human involvement


a) I and III

b) III and IV

c) III only

d) none are true


35) The ____ phase of sanctification, is one in which the new believer dies daily to sin and becomes more dedicated in the things of God.      

a) positional

b) progressive

c) final

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