Certificate in Bible Studies Classroom

Course: Systematic Theology - The Introduction Series                Answer Forms: 1-25    25-50     Essay Form

Exam Questions Chapter 4: The Doctrine of Christ

Instructions: Answer the questions below as you read pages 33-42



23) Jesus is called the Son of Man as well as the Son of God because he was born of man and is also a son of God. 

  1. True

  2. False

24) Which of the following statements are true?  

1) Jesus had knowledge of sin and therefore had a self-consciousness of it

11) The “Son of Man” identifies Jesus with humanity

111) Through incarnation God became a man


a) I and III

b) II and III

c) II only

d) none are true

25) Through the incarnation mankind may become the Son of God. 

a) True

b) False

26) What is Jesus’ official name?  

a) Christ

b) Messiah

c) The Son of David

d) Both a and b


27) Christ is the Hebrew form of the Greek word “Messiah.” 

a) True

b) False


28) Jesus is called “the word” because            

a) it describes His claim to royalty

b) he was a powerful teacher and preacher

c) he reveals the wisdom and expressions of God

d) he was also a prophet


29) Christ is called the perfect priest because  

a) He offered sacrifices to God on behalf of the people

b) He Himself was the sacrifice, and continues to make intercession for us

c) He is the anti-type of Melchizedek, as the perfect king

d) He was a representative to God


30) What act of Christ repaired the relationship between God and mankind, appeasing the offense of sin.      

a) His Death

b) His Burial

c) His Resurrection

d) His Ascension


31) The resurrection of Christ    

a) gives us an invisible communion with God through the Holy Spirit

b) gave us a Heavenly Christ who will intercede for us after we pray that He understands our situations

c) removes the obstacle of sin and appeases an angry God

d) proves His claim of being the Son of God


32) Christ and the Father do not share the same attributes. 

a) True 

b) False

Chapter 5: Salvation