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Certificate in Bible Studies Classroom

Book 2: Introduction to Bible Origin Exam Questions

Chapters 5-7


Instructions: Answer the questions below as you read pages 48-64 on a separate sheet of Paper.

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Chapters 5 – 7 Pages 48-64

41) The word testament means

a) section of the Bible

b) covenant or will

c) Canon

d) books 


42) The New Testament is better than the old because it does not tell of man’s struggle to maintain a spiritual relationship with God.

a. True  

b.  False 


43) Which of the following statements are true?

I. The same men who wrote the books of the Bible helped to canonize the Bible

II. The formation of the Hebrew Bible can easily be traced through oral accounts

III. The New Testament had many different cannons throughout the centuries before finally arriving at the compilation we have today

IV. The writings of John were the first of the New Testament writings to appear


a) II and III

b) III and IV

c) III only

d) none are true 


Pages 54-64

44) The _____ is one of the oldest translations of the Hebrew Bible.

a) Pentateuch

b) The Targums

c) Talmud

d) Septuagint 


45) Today’s most popular Bible translation is the

a) King James Version

b) New International Version

c) The Bishop’s Bible

d) American Standard Version 


46) Many New Testament Scriptures were written on

a) stone

b) wood

c) papyrus

d) clay 


47) Which people were the first to use paper?

a) Egyptians

b) Babylonians

c) Greeks

d) Chinese 


48) Using a dictionary or Bible commentary to interpret a passage of scripture would be an example of

a) Principal Context

b) Near Context

c) Remote Context

d) Application Context 


49) Discontinuity in Scripture is more common in the New Testament rather than the Old Testament.

a. True  

b.  False 


50. Archaeology is a vital tool in proving the authority and accuracy of the events in the Bible.                    

a. True    

b. False

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