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Certificate in Bible Studies Classroom

Book 2: Introduction to Bible Origin Exam Questions


Instructions: Answer the questions below as you read pages 41-45 on a separate sheet of Paper.

Transfer Your Answers to the Answer Form below and submit. Click on the "Back to Classroom" button for your next exam.

Page 41-45

35) The most Jewish book of the New Testament is Hebrews. It was written to Jewish Christians to establish Christ’s work as "better than." It is also more of an ethical teaching.

a. True   

b.  False 


36) The second epistle of Peter was designed to encourage and support Christians under trial and persecution.

a. True   

b. False 


37) Which statements are true?

I. Jude was a brother of Jesus who wrote to warn Christians against apostasy

II. The epistles of Peter were addressed to Rome

III. James teaches that the demonstration of faith is more works than religion

IV. Hebrews, 1st & 2nd Peter, James and John make up the general epistles


a) I, III and IV

b) I and III

c) II and IV

d) II, III and IV 


38) John had an intimate relationship with Jesus. That is why his gospel seems more spiritual, and inspirational as opposed to historical and factual.

a. True  

b.  False 


39) Revelation is the apocalyptic book of the New Testament as ____ is in the Old Testament.

a) Jeremiah

b) Daniel

c) Obadiah

d) Isaiah

40) The purpose of the book of Revelation is

a) to give insight into the second coming

b) to confuse and confound Christians with symbolism

c) to give cheer and hope to persecuted Christians

d) to have Christians and Biblical scholars interpret its meaning


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