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I.T.M.T. Online

Associate in Biblical Studies

The Institute of Theology and Ministry Training Online Certificate Programs

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Mastery of Program:

1) This program can only be entered into by a referral from the President of an Institute

of Theology and Ministry Training Feeder Bible School. Students who have studied at the Institute may apply directly through the Institute.  

2) By signing the Tuition Payment Plan and The Associate Degree in Biblical Studies Agreement Letter,  you will enter a contractual agreement for this program.  

3) Monthly Tuition Installments are drafted automatically through PayPal, for six months from the account you give when setting up your PayPal  authorization.

4) Exams for this program consist of "true/false multiple choice questions, short essays and a Term Paper.

5) Program Completion Requirements by June 1, 2020.   You must complete and pass (with a Grade Point Average of 2.5) all of the subjects and course requirements in the program within the time frame suggested

by the school to receive an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies.


6) Course Text and Assignment are transmitted electronically via email


7) You must have an email address and the capability to download and print course text, assignments, supplements and all materials related to your program.

8) Course Descriptions, Time-Frames and Due Dates are included in the Recommendation Package. Please place list in a safe place for reference.

Copy of Course Descriptions

Time-Frames and Due Dates

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Follow the Instructions set the date. Your Tuition Payment will automatically  be drafted from your account.

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THE ASSOCIATE DEGREE IN BIBLICAL STUDIES - advances the student's study in the field of Biblical Studies using a comprehensive and topical approach. Through research and comparison of the Scriptures, the "truth" of God's Word is proven. This academic achievement will equip the student to propagate the gospel more effectively.

Time-frame: 6 months      Tuition: $1,600      Total Credits: 60

*Tuition Scholarship of $850 is offered to students enrolling from an I.T.M.T. Feeder School. Total Tuition is $750

Bible Doctrine II: TH 201 (4)

In-depth research of the Christian Doctrines of Anthropology (The Doctrine of Man), Ecclesiology (The Doctrine of the Church), and Eschatology (The Doctrine of Last Things).


The Life of Christ: NT 201 (2)

Time Frame and Due Date: February 17 – March 13, 2020

A Hermeneutic approach to the life, mission and ministry of Jesus Christ.

Cults, World Religions and the Occult RE 201 (2)

The study and comparison of religions and religious practices making comparisons with Christianity.

Term Paper (4)

15,000 words on the Atonement

(2) 1 Hour of Community Service

Book Purchase:

Title: Cults, World Religions and the Occult

Author: Kenneth Boa

Publisher: David C. Cook


Program and Administrative Fees for this program is $190 payable May 29, 2020. This fee covers all administrative and degree conference costs. These fees are not included in the cost of tuition.


Students should:

1. Conduct themselves in a respectful manner at all times because they represent the Institute and higher Christian Education. Loudness and foolish gesturing as a student of the college puts a blemish on it, as well as the local church.

2. Be mindful of their approach to each other to maintain proper respect for each other.

3. Address me, the Found and President of The Institute of Theology and Ministry Training as Dr. Walker. This ensures the respect that is not only due, but it keeps the relationship between professor and student in it's rightful place. In essence, familiarity is not welcomed as it will cause problems in this academic environment. 

4. Answer all text messages from me with a "greeting" to Dr. Walker i.e. "good morning" "good afternoon" "good evening" "God Bless You" and with complete sentences addressing the point/issue/question of the message i.e. "I have received the assignment. Thank you, Dr.  Walker.  


One word answers are not welcomed i.e. "thanks" "okay" "Hey" nor are emojis.  To this point of "one" word answers, they are not accepted as answers to questions on exams.

Text messages are a convenient way to communicate. They should not only be answered mindfully but be answered almost immediately (or as soon as possible).



5. Call Dr. Walker with any questions they might have Tuesday - Thursday between 5:30 and 7:00 p.m. Text messages, Monday - Friday ending at 7:00 p.m.

6. Show gratitude to the President of the "feeder school" that made the recommendation to this special program, which offered a scholarship of more than one-half tuition cost. Gratitude should also be shown to I.T.M.T. for the approval of the recommendation and granting of the scholarship. This gratitude is shown by:

  • Humility 

  • Following all instructions given by both schools

  • Completing all course assignments in the spirit of excellence

  • The ability to excel in ministry duties

  • A willingness to support  events,  assemblies and endeavors of both schools

Students of The Institute of Theology and Ministry Training, although taking core Biblical Studies course, are always in Ministry Training. This is portrayed in the name of the college "Theology and Ministry Training." Please welcome this as such.

My aim is to continue the rich legacy of I.T.M.T. with providing excellent Christian Education to people like you.  You have been chosen to be part of the ministry God placed on my life, to which great testimony and praise is given to Him, as well as honor and respect to me by so many.  

God Bless You,

Dr. Walker

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