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Introduction to Bible Doctrine: A systematic study of seven doctrines of the Christian faith: God, Angels, Sin, Christ, Salvation, The Holy Spirit and Scripture.

Introduction to Bible Origin: A study of the formation of the Bible, explaining how the Bible was derived and what makes it authoritative.

Introduction to Typology and Symbolism: An expository study of Types and Symbols found in the Bible.

Homiletics: Introduction to Homiletics 2 Credits: An explanation of the art of homiletical sermonizing with a focus on writing a sermon introduction that will engage an audience.

Sermon Writing: The discovery and practice of five models of sermonizing, with online discussions and workshops.
Ministry Training: This course teaches the various ways of presenting the Gospel message and gives students a clear understand of both categories of Gifts and how they are governed. Included is an exercise in Pulpit Etiquette.  

Evangelism: A complete understanding of Evangelism the way God intended. The text outlines eight basic principles: selection, association, consecration, demonstration, delegation, supervision and reproduction; these were principles employed by Jesus Christ.

Practical Evangelism: A handbook for the evangelist with an overview of the organization of revival meetings and the involvement of evangelistic team members.

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* Affiliation with The Institute of Theology and Ministry Training is NOT Included with the purchase of the "Start-Up" Bible School or the All Inclusive Bible and Ministry Training Programs.

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