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We all know that the outcome of certain situations in our lives is mostly determined by our peception of it and how we responded to it. It's "situation cause and effect" which may not always be favorable.

These Personal Awareness Bible Lessons teach us how to become more spiritual in our thinking as well as our doing. If applied, we'll experience peace and glorify God as we transition through the issues of life.

Dr. Sheila Walker



What it is:


A New Year’s Resolution is a personal declaration, decision, promise, pledge, oath or vow you make to yourself. It means that you are determined to solve something in your life that’s negative or to do some self-improvement. 


Think of a Resolution as your resolve that demands that you take the initiative to change. It’s a promise you make to yourself with the vision of success over an issue and a better state of being. Seeing this vision becomes a reminder to you to keep your resolution.


Resolutions work best when you think of yourself as being important; when you put your needs and self-improvement at the forefront of your life. Doing this is very necessary for a happier and healthier you. Making a promise to improve yourself, your lifestyle or environment is almost as important as the vows you make to God.  That’s why you should not make vows that are unrealistic, unattainable or that you know you won’t be able to keep.



The Most Common Resolutions are:


  • study the Word of God More


  • strengthen Prayer Life


  • losing weight


  • exercising more


  • managing debt


  • saving money


  • getting a better job or education


  • reducing stress


  • taking a trip

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